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Enter the name of the certificate. Example: Urban Pest Management.
Enter the transcript title of the certificate. This is limited to 50 characters, including spaces.
Enter the total number of credit hours needed to complete the certificate program.
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Enter the six digit Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code for the degree program associated with the proposed certificate. The code has the numerical format XX.XXXX. Contact the Office of Institutional Planning and Research (OIPR) to verify the CIP code for the existing degree program.
Enter the degree program associated with the CIP code entered above (e.g. Accounting).
Enter the term (semester and year) that the certificate would start. Please keep in mind that this may be adjusted depending on University deadlines for approval process.
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List any requirements for admission to this new certificate program such as grade point average, background in the discipline, current enrollment status, etc.. Please indicate if the certificate only accepts students of a particular status: for example, current UF graduate students, graduate students in a specific college, non-degree seeking students, or any student status.
List all of requirements for completion of the certificate program, such as courses, internships, projects, etc. For each course, indicate prefix, number, title, # credits, and established grading scheme (letter grade or S/U). The title should be identical to the official title of the course as listed in the Undergraduate catalog or Graduate catalog.
Describe the rationale for offering this new certificate and having it on the transcript, its place in the curriculum, how it will enhance the quality of the existing program or department. Also describe its overlap with any existing certificates and programs, and a justification for any such overlap. Note that documentation of consultation will be expected for any certificate with overlapping content.
List each student learning outcome with its associated courses, assessment type (e.g. course-related exam/assignment/grade, final paper/project/presentation, standardized exam, capstone) and method (e.g. rubric, faculty committee, single faculty member).
Prepare and upload documentation showing consultation with any academic units which may be affected by the proposed certificate. This documentation may include email correspondence, memos, or other letters of support from consulted academic units. Prepare a copy of the proposed catalog changes that shows all revisions, for example using strikeouts and underlined text, or using tracked changes.
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