Step 1: Getting Started

How the committee works for you:

The College Curriculum Committee handles matters relating to recommendations for college level approval of undergraduate, graduate, and professional instructional programs. Specific duties include:

1. Consideration and recommendation for college-level approval of new courses and programs,
2. Review and recommendation for college level approval of course and program changes and
terminations, and
3. Participation in accreditation or other academic review procedures when requested by a
department or the dean.

Additional information regarding the College Curriculum Committee and the role of it’s members may be found in the PHHP Curriculum Committee Overview.

Items that require review by the Committee PRIOR to submission to UF Approval: 

  • All New Programs
    New Degree Programs
    New Concentrations within Programs
    New Courses
    New Minors
    New Certificates
    New Continuing Education Programs that will be offered repeatedly
  • All Significant Curricular Changes
    Course Titles
    Course Credits or Headcount Hours
    Course Prerequisites

    Course Descriptions Expansion of  Restricted Elective Choices
  • Substantive Course Content Changes (i.e. Impact Course Objectives or Major Topical Sections Deleted or Added)

    Terminations of any type

Items that do not need review by the Committee:

  • One-time continuing education workshops
  • Minor curricular changes on syllabi that do not substantially affect course content or requirements
  • Course substitutions
  • New courses being tried out under Special Topics – after offering a course twice, it is expected a new course proposal will be submitted for approval to establish a permanent course number

Forms for most requests are available through this site. If you do not see your specific type of request, please contact Candice Vogtle at 273-6377 or via email at, for additional information.