Next Steps

Thank you for your submission.

What happens next?

Your submission will be reviewed at the next available committee meeting, contingent on the timing of the submission and the number of items already scheduled for review. (A full list of submission deadlines and meeting dates may be found here.)

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email notifying you of whether your submission was approved, conditionally approved or recycled.

1. What to expect once the committee makes a decision.

Approved submissions will be processed and submitted to UF Academic Approval.

Provisional approval is granted to those requests which only need minor revisions. The committee will provide a list of specific changes that will need to be made before approval can be given. Once those changes are made and approved by the committee, the request will be submitted to UF Academic Approval.

Submissions which required major revision or do not meet College or UF requirements will be denied. All necessary changes will be outlined at the time you are notified of the committee’s decision. Once changes are made, the requests must be re-submitted through the PHHP Curriculum website for additional review.

2. Congratulations! Your submission has been sent to UF Approval.

  1. Department approvers receive notification that a submission has been made and are asked to approve the request.
  2. Once the department has approved the submission, it is routed to the College for approval.
  3. College approved submissions are routed to the University Curriculum Committee for review. Depending on the outcome of their review, your submission will either continue to move up the approval ladder or be sent back to you for revisions.

*The approval process varies depending on the type of submission. Detailed lists of the approval process for the individual of submissions may be found on the UF Academic Approval site. Click “Start New Request” then choose your specific type of submission.

Questions? Email us or call at 352-273-6377.